Rentals & Shares

 For The 2015 Season - High Dune is offering the following Quarter Share:

Four Weekends:

5/29-31, 6/12-14, 7/10-12 and 8/14-16                                                                                                                                                                        Weekly or September Rentals - See: Listing No. 360809

Maximum occupancy is 14 persons.

All Amenities Included:  Internet, Sat. TV,  Gas and Electric, Washer/Dryer, BBQ, Bikes, Weekly Cleaning Service.

The all inclusive share price ($1450) does not include food or drinks.



                    Reservations or Info:



A Share cannot sell or assign their weekends to any other person without express consent.  All Shares may use the house only during their designated weekends. There is no right to makeup an unused weekend or to receive a refund for missed weekends. Make-up weekends are space permitting only. Shares may bring a guest, the guest fee is a flat rate of $200. The same person may be a guest once at the guest rate, thereafter regular shareholder rates apply.  Guest fees due upon arrival. Guests must reside in the hosts bedroom.  Please reserve all guest spots.

For the benefit of all Shares, the house manager reserves the right to terminate a Share at any time for any reason. In the event of such a termination, the Share will receive a refund for their unused time. By purchasing a share, all Shares agree to be personally responsible and directly liable for their own personal property and conduct in or about the property, and are solely responsible for compliance with the laws of the Village of Ocean Beach. In the event any Share directly or proximately causes any other Share(s) to suffer any loss, personally or in connection with use of the property, then the offending Share is solely liable for any and all damages they cause. All Shares by purchasing the Share, agree they are a Guest on the property during their designated weekends, and that they have no leasehold or property rights therein, and agree to hold the Owner of the property and/or the managing agent harmless for any and all loss or damages they incur in connection with their Share or use of the property.